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    Some Safety Tips for Your Travels

    The most recent spate of terrorism attacks serve as a reminder that travel is both enlightening and challenging. In today’s world, travel safety and security are now more important than ever. It should be emphasized that no one can guarantee a traveler’s total safety. The following points however are at least some of the precautions […]

  • How To Stay Safe In Your Hotel Room

    Always lock the door and apply the safety bolt provided. Rooms with electronic card-entry systems are actually safer than rooms whose doors open with keys, which are easily copied by thieves. For added safety in rooms with old fashioned key entry, you can purchase a portable device that fits under the doorknob and braces itself […]

  • How To Decide What To Pack In Your Carry On

    Thefts of checked luggage are skyrocketing. Both ordinary thieves and airline employees with inside access are making it foolhardy to leave anything you really care about in your checked luggage. When it’s time to pack, it helps to make three lists. Things I don’t mind losing Includes most clothing, for example, and other things, like […]

  • Tips To Protect Your Luggage At The Airport

    Airports are full of noises, movement, and other distractions. Travelers are often tired and easily distracted by the constant movement and noises typical of airports, which makes them easy targets for thieves. If you don’t want to lose your luggage, never step away from it. The best defense is to stay in physical contact with […]

  • Protect Your Checked Baggage From Theft

    Baggage carousels are frequently not guarded, so there’s nothing to stop anyone from walking up to the carousel and helping themselves to bags that do not belong to them. Since you’re separated from your checked bags for most of the trip, it’s a good idea to do whatever you can to protect them while they […]

  • How To Dress To Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

    Thieves are opportunistic and always on the lookout for tourists who are easy marks. so, instead of dressing up, dress plainly and inexpensively, avoiding bright colors. The more you can blend into the local crowd, the less likely you are to be targeted by a pickpocket or other criminal.

  • Guide To Hotel Fire Safety

    Every hotel room includes a map, usually on the inside of the door, showing the location of all fire exits near your room. When you enter the room for the first time, study the routes to the exits. Then, walk the route to each fire exit. As you walk, choose one side of the corridor […]

  • Tips for Older Travelers Going Abroad

    For the large number of older Americans now traveling abroad after retirement, these general travel and health tips may help to assure a smooth and safe trip: Protect your health Travel can be physically strenuous. Build plenty of rest time into your itinerary. A significant change in time zone can result in tiredness for as […]

  • Dog/Cat Safety Restraints When Traveling By Car

    The main concern raise when traveling in a car with your pet is the ever-present possibility of accidents. If your pet is not properly restrained in your vehicle and an accident occurs, the result could be serious injuries, or worse. Two methods of restraint used for dogs: People who crate their dogs or use cat […]

  • Simple Habits To Help You Drive More Safely

    Driver distraction is a major cause of accidents. Just a second or two of inattention is enough to prevent a driver from reacting to a potential danger. Here are some tips to help you focus: Eating and drinking inside the car can cause accidents Avoid sloppy sandwiches while driving. Use straws for cold drinks and […]