• South America
    Get to Know Bogota’s Most Exciting Restaurants

    Colombia has made a stellar comeback over the last few years to become one of the most sought-after destinations in South America, gracing lists of must-see destinations. Foodies will be happy to know that along with Colombia’s revival, its culinary scene has also stepped up its game. Trendy restaurants with fresh, farm-to-table cuisine grace the […]

  • Oceania
    What hotels, airlines and restaurants are serving on Christmas Day

    If your Christmas Day lunch looks to be yet another grind with drunk uncles and woeful presents, perhaps it’s time to expand your horizons further afield and let someone else do the merry-making. A number of leading restaurants across Australia, as well as airlines, cruise ships and hotels are upping their Christmas cheer offerings this […]

  • North Asia
    The 10 places you must see About Asia’s amazing wonders

    HA LONG BAY, VIETNAM The name means “the place where the dragon fell to earth”, and you barely have to squint to transform this seascape into a dragon’s spiked back. East of the port city of Haiphong, the sea is scattered with jagged limestone islands that erupt from the sea like grey icebergs. KINABALU PARK, […]

  • North America
    puerto rico bar
    You Didn’t Know 20 Things About Puerto Rico

    For those of you looking to spend your summer vacation somewhere in the U.S., we have a spot for you: Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is known for beautiful beaches, but it also has some perks you might not know about. So, here are a few reasons a visit to our friends in the Caribbean will […]

  • Middle East
    Israel Attracts More Russians not the Egypt and Turkey any more

    Tourists from Russia have lost two of their favorite destinations. In 2014, 3.3 million Russian tourists went to Turkey. After the downing of a Russian military jet by Turkish artillery, the country has basically become off-limits. The same goes for Egypt, which has been deemed unsafe by Moscow after the midair bombing of a Russian […]

  • Europe
    Ireland Hopes The Force is Strong With Star Wars In Tourism

    Ireland has high hopes for 2016. After a record number of tourists headed for the Emerald Isle in 2015, the country is hoping to have another big year – and it’s using the Force to reach its goals. Yes, part of Star Wars Episode VII was filmed in Ireland, and tourism officials are hoping the […]

  • East Asia
    Phuket Requires Tourists to Have Insurance

    Many travelers are covered by health insurance in their home country. But, this protection does not travel with them when they go abroad. Maybe these uninsured globetrotters are unaware that their coverage is not worldwide. Most people probably think that they won’t need health insurance. They have a vague notion that their embassy will step in […]

  • Africa
    It is important to Promote Sustainable Tourism in Africa

    The Ebola scare that paralyzed the tourism industry in Africa last year brought forth no more urgent a message than the fact that without tourism it would not be possible to protect Africa’s endangered species, such as the rhino, from market forces that will soon drive the species to extinction. The crisis served to underline […]