• North America
    Our Favorite Family-Friendly Beaches

    Like baseball games and cookouts, family trips to the beach are summertime staples. To help you create a vacation — or day trip — that your family will remember for years to come, we polled our readers and editors for their favorite affordable beach getaways. In the next several slides, you’ll discover a range of […]

  • North America
    Fun & Historical Family Vacations

    Vacation destination: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Just 7,600 people live in this neatly kept town, tucked away in the rolling hills of the Cumberland Valley. Visitors might be surprised to find that Gettysburg, already nearly 100 years old when three days in July 1863 changed it forever, still looks, in many ways, as it did back then. […]

  • Europe
    A Modern Interior Was Built Inside This Historic Building In Italy

    In the southern part of Italy in the historical town of Matera, are world famous cave-dwellings. Carved thousands of years ago, these caves that were once homes and churches have recently been turned into a contemporary tourist hotel.   Photography ©2016 Pierangelo Laterza Designed by Manca Studio, 300 square meters of cave-dwellings were developed and […]

  • North America
    This New Caribbean Villa Overlooks The Ocean Below

    Designed by Erea and Architectonik comes a new addition to the Caribbean island of Saint Barts. Tucked into the edge of a cliff and overlooking Corossol Beach and Gustavia Harbor, this villa, named Villa Utopic, offers guests a stay where the focus is put on appreciating natural beauty while enjoying modern design and comfortable living. […]

  • East Asia
    This New Hostel In Singapore Is Designed To Appeal To Millennials

    Recently opened in Singapore is COO, a new boutique hostel aimed at millennials, that has a bar, a bistro, an outdoor space, and a social app.   Photography by Edward Hendricks / CI&A Photography The hostel was completed by Ministry of Design, and not only did they design the space, they also designed the graphics and a […]

  • Europe
    Designers Created Some Unique Rooms At This Hotel In Amsterdam

    Once a newspaper headquarters, the Volkshotel is now a 172 room hotel in Amsterdam that has rooms ranging from small and cozy to large and inviting. While the majority of the rooms are standard and conventional, nine of the rooms have been designed by architects and interior designers that each feature unique details and themes. […]

  • Other aspects
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned from Airplanes

    After more than 100 incidents of the now-discontinued Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding, popping, and generally being a fire hazard, the Department of Transportation has officially banned them from all flights. The “emergency order” went into effect at noon on October 15. The phones may not be shipped as cargo. Related: Those Samsung Smartphones, Still […]

  • Travel Tips
    The Fall Travel Clothes for Changing Seasons

    Fall is a great time to travel—prices drop but the weather stays nice. However, it’s a tricky time of year for packing, since it’s hard to know if you should pack for summer temperatures or wintery weather. The best solve is to choose items that will work whether it’s pouring rain or hot and sunny. […]